Monday, 26 November 2012

Mt first GIF

(wow, it's been over a year since my last update)

so I spent tonight learning how to use Photoshop to animate. It's nothing comprehensive but If I can get used to these then sprite animations are next on the cards :)

Nothing else to say and I have lots more to do. til next time :D (hopefully before next year)

Saturday, 12 November 2011


these are just some thumbnails i made last night, I'll be spamming more up later =]

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Random excess

random sketch while listening to the harry potter audio books, I love stephen fry's voice!!

Day 01: Self-Portrait

this is the first in a 50 day daily challenge that I am doing with some of my house mates. the Idea is that we are given a subject matter and we all knock something out, the aim isnt to do something polished, just to get our minds and bodies used to drawing a new thing every day.
I was really gutted that I knocked my lamp over during the picture. Being unable to recreate the lighting I decided it was time to call it quits and start something new.
self Portrait was day 01, today, being day 02 has us drawing a still life of an item in our bedrooms. that will be up tomorrow. hope yuou like. please feel free to leave a comment =]

Monday, 7 March 2011

finally updating

hey there this is my first proper update since starting this blog, theres a huge back log of things i've meant to put up here, although until now I haven't felt anything is good enough, I dont know why i feel like these are worthy, could be the sleep deprivation who knows.
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By frodey at 2011-03-07
This is my first draft of a main character for a time traveling thief, the game revolvoes around the player stealing items of value from anyone and everyone he sees while avoiding the guards that patrol the homes and streets. I wanted it to be clear to the player that the character is not a fighter and that they should not attempt to take on the Guards in any form of combat. also because the setting is ancient Roman settlements, the romans being well known for their use of the colour red. I chose to give the character a blue suit to make enforce how out of place he is. My group and I agreed early on in the project that we would have to avoid a realistic style. There were many factors we took in to consideration but a major design decision we made (and made repeatedly) was that we wanted to avoid being compared to assassins creed, and having the player take control of someone from current times that goes back in time to rome was as much more than we wanted anyway. ok rant over more pics:
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By frodey at 2011-03-07
these are some early designs of one of the roman guard types the player will have to avoid, for the guards I wanted as much of their appearance to be the opposite of the main characters. The colour of hair, the shape of the jaw, down to the colour palette used.
Image Hosted by
By frodey at 2011-03-07
These are some sketches playing around with the guards facial shape and expressions he may pull if he hears a disturbance nearby.
Image Hosted by
By frodey at 2011-03-07
this is a redesigning of the players clothes, I was asked to draw him in a roman costume as it made more sense for a time traveller to try and find some clothes, here i have a series of colour palettes to see which works best. Even though the clothes are from the roman area I still wanted the character to stand out and be alien to the surroundings, so i stuck close to my earlier cooler palette with a few alterations.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, feel free to comment and let me know what you think =]

'Til next time,


Saturday, 27 November 2010


Hey there and welcome to Little Mug of Mud. Im frodey and I'll be the one posting here, hope you enjoy :)

little info on me: Im a computer games design student and hope to one day be a concept artist in the games industry, I like all sorts of games, doing parkour and ofcourse- doing art, my tools of the trade of prmiarilly mechanicical pencil and paper for line work and then photoshop or similar program for colouring.
i hope you'll enjoy the images i put up here for the foreseeable future, if you like what you see and fancy something done for you personally then feel free to drop me a comment and we can go from there =D